On a hot Monday afternoon our team of 11 people looked over the Haitian construction site. The materials and money that had been sent had been delayed in arrival. The team was supposed to mix and pour the cement roof which would become the floor for the next level of the church. Instead there was little work to do except to move a pile of bamboo supports which would hold up the forms for the roof. The actual installing of the forms would have to be completed by local craftsmen who would cut each bamboo pole to length, notch the top of the pole and insert the pole onto the appropriate support beam. As we moved the pile of 600, 12-14 foot bamboo poles a group of men and children gathered to watch, laugh and ask questions. The laughing centred upon a group of white people doing work that only the lowest of labourers in Haiti would do. The questions concerned those of, “Can you give me a dollar?” Other crude Haitian comments came forth, but not knowing the language we were oblivious to the comments. One team member suggested that since this audience was “just watching”, perhaps we should get an interpreter and we should tell these people why we were here and invite them to a service. As we completed our work we turned to these men and children and told them of the Jesus Video that we would be showing that evening. We mentioned that we had come to help a local church and that we would praying for people in their homes, that God would minister, and lives would be touched. We asked if they wanted prayer. There was some laughter among them, we asked again and some said they wanted prayer, but they seemed unclear about what they wanted prayer for. Then two young fellows came forward and declared that they wanted prayer for Jesus. When we clarified what that meant , they said they wanted to ask Jesus into their lives to become Christians. In front of these men and other boys, we gladly led them in prayer to accept Jesus Christ. We asked if they were sincere when they asked Jesus Christ to come into their lives. The response was “yes”, when asked then where is Jesus now? They responded with a smile, “in our hearts” These two young men were starting a new journey with God. Life for them will have its challenges, some of which only the power of God can help them go through. As they mingled back among their peers, there was some teasing about their actions. Life would now have a different set of challenges but God would be with them and His help would be there to strengthen them. In your lives don’t be afraid to step forward and to seek being with the living God, Jesus Christ. Don’t allow the pressures of those around you to prevent you from doing what is best for you. Seek God for new confidence and boldness in standing for Jesus Christ. PastorKeithsBlog