As Christians, we talk about going to the rock, our Lord, for strength, God as a source of refuge.  In Psalms 71:3 the Psalmist says, “Be my strong refuge, To which I may resort continually; You have given the commandment to save me, For You are my rock and my fortress.”  The literal meaning for “strong refuge” is “rock of refuge” or “rock of habitation.”  The Amplified Bible says, “a rock in which to dwell”.
Normally, when believers think of God being our refuge or our rock, we think of a place that we go to when in times of trouble or a place where we hide for protection.  But the literal implication for strong refuge implies more than “just going”, it speaks of actually living there, making the rock a place of habitation.   It implies that we are to be constantly dwelling at (and in) that Rock and daily drawing strength and security from that place.  God wants our relationship with Him to be more than just going in prayer and calling out a quick “Lord Help Me”.  We are to be living in a constant place of security because we have built our habitation, our dwelling “on” and “in” our Lord, the great Rock.
Lord Jesus, You want us to do more than just run to You, You want us to build our life on You.  To constantly be near to You.  Help us to realign ourselves so we are constantly dwelling near to You.


  1. It is interesting that you mentioned habitation as I am sensing that we all need to establish a place of habitation for the Lord, just as the widow of Zarephath did for Elijah. We need to have our special place where we can fellowship with the Lord; physically in the natural like our place of prayer or a prayer closet so that the Lord can dwell with us spiritually!. He is indeed calling us to greater intimacy with Him especially as the days become darker and so then shall our lights become brighter. I think He is stirring us up to seek Him and to be in His Presence as much as possible at all times!

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