This week!

October 30th – Wednesday – 7-9 pm
Gather your friends together and defeat the monster on the loose in the church by finding all 3 parts of the flashlight. Not only that, this will be done in the dark! Don’t let the Gargon catch you! We start a new series called Stronger! We explore what do we do when life hurts or doesn’t make sense.

The week after that…
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Zombie Apocalypse
November 6th – Wednesday – 7-9 pm
Do you think you can survive wave after wave of zombies during the apocalypse? Come and join us as we beat the zombies!

The week after that…
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Just Dance
November 13th – Wednesday – 7-9 pm
Dance like no one is watching, except.. We are watching! Show off your dancing skills and win a prize! We continue our series called Stronger!


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