We often feel that we have nothing to give to people in need. Either we lack the money to help with their financial needs, we lack sufficient understanding to help with their emotional needs or we lack power from God to perform the miracles that we perceive that the individuals need. In Haiti, the Christian believers are often intimidated by their inability to help. They see themselves as so needy that they have nothing to minister to others. I was encouraging a group of Haitian believers, by talking about Acts 3 where Peter and John said that they had nothing to give the lame man. They also had no money in their possession. However they did have Jesus, and in sharing Jesus the man was touched and the church increased. In the question and answer time one pastor asked, “Why don’t we see more miracles now?” The answer seemed obvious, God had not changed, it must be us who are different. We talked about how Peter saw something in the spiritual realm, talked about what he saw, and a miracle took place. God seemed to be speaking to us that if we were to take the time to hear/see what the Spirit of God is nudging us to respond to. If we were to set aside our business, stop focusing on what we need, and then obey the prompting of God, then we too would see the powerful working of God. It was as if God was saying, “First listen to me, and then you heal them.” We were challenged to take extra time to attempt to follow the leading and prompting of God’s Holy Spirit. Lord Jesus, Your Spirit brings life, help us to follow Your Spirit’s gentle leading.


  1. My name is chris i want to join a church i used to attend church years ago then i got involved in drugs and alchol drugs have ruined my life im depressed all the time and lost all my freinds due to using drugs. Im just looking for more to life then what i have now please enail me back a time that i could Meet with someone that can helpe change my life.

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