Serenity is a ministry where you can get practical help to receive the peace of Christ in your life. If you are experiencing mental health challenges such as anxiety or depression, these resources may be for you.

Coming Up – The Sanctuary Course®
FEB 15-APR 4 on ZOOM

UPDATE – FEB 12, 8:10 PM – the response for this session has been overwhelmingly in favour of attending online rather than in person, so we are moving the course to take place entirely to ZOOM.

FEB 15-APR 4, 2024

Facilitators: Sun Hoffman

How can a church become a sanctuary—a place where individuals living with mental health challenges feel safe, supported, and a sense of belonging? The Sanctuary Course was created to inspire and equip communities of faith that are asking this important question.

Course Schedule:  (THURSDAYS@ 7:30 PM on ZOOM)
Feb. 15 – Session 1: Mental Health
Feb. 22 – Session 2: Mental Illnesses
Feb. 29 – Session 3: Stigma
Mar. 7 – Session 4: Recovery
Mar. 14 – Session 5: Companionship
Mar. 21 – Session 6: Caregiving
Mar. 28 – Session 7: Self-Care
Apr. 4 – Session 8: Reflection

Developed in consultation with mental health professionals, theologians, and people with lived experience, this eight-session video study explores key mental health topics and examines meaningful ways to offer companionship, support recovery, and promote well-being.

Please register either as an in person participant or to join the Zoom group online so that we may follow up with sending you the meeting link by email.

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More Serenity Resources

See below for past challenges that you can access at your convenience!

Wellness Wednesdays: Experiencing God’s Goodness & Mercy

This time Sun Hoffman has prepared a 6-week Spiritual Health Challenge using Psalm 23 to discover who God is, who we are, and the good news that is available to us.

Here is a brief video from Pastor Aubrey to help you know what to expect.

SPIRITUAL HEALTH: Week 1 Video (aired Nov. 8, 2023)

Week 1 Handout (click to download PDF)

SPIRITUAL HEALTH Week 2 Video (aired Nov. 15, 2023)

Week 2 Handout (click to download PDF)

SPIRITUAL HEALTH Week 3 Video (aired Nov. 22, 2023)

Week 3 Handout (click to download PDF)

SPIRITUAL HEALTH Week 4 Video (aired Nov. 29, 2023)

Week 4 Handout (click to download PDF)

SPIRITUAL HEALTH Week 5 Video (aired Dec. 6, 2023)

Week 5 Handout (click to download PDF)

SPIRITUAL HEALTH Week 6 Video (aired DEC 13, 2023)

Week 6 Handout (click to download PDF)

Wellness Wednesdays: Emotional Wellness

Take up a six-week challenge where we will work through teachings from Psalm 23—such as prayer, rest, and working through fear—to help you builds tools for emotional wellness. Here’s a snapshot of what the journey will look like:

  • Week 1 = Joined with Jesus (“The Lord is my shepherd…”)
  • Week 2 = Rest (“He makes me lie down…”)
  • Week 3 = Your Right Mind (“He guides in right paths…”)
  • Week 4 = Overcoming Fear (“Though I walk through the valley…”)
  • Week 5 = Community (“He prepares a banquet…”)
  • Week 6 = Restoring Hope (“Surely goodness and mercy will follow me…”)

Ready to watch? Click here to go to the videos

Wellness Wednesdays: Healthy Relationships

Growing in our emotionally healthy relationship skills is like growing in any other kind of skill—you practice and get better. This 4-week challenge unpacks a practical relational skill each week and gives you the opportunity to put it into practice.

  • Week 1: Take Your Relational Temperature 
  • Week 2: Check Your Attitude
  • Week 3: Listening at a Heart Level
  • Week 4: If I Could Read Your Mind

Our relationships can be where much of our stress comes from but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can grow and enjoy better relationships. Relationships are designed by God to be life-giving, fun, and inspiring to grow. Join us as we explore this area together.

Ready to watch? Click here to go to the videos

Support Ministries at Church of the Rock

Caring for each other can be as simple as helping one another learn English, talking about what has helped our marriage, or learning together about living free from hurts, habits, or hang-ups. We can be lifted up by praying or visiting with another caring Christian and asking God to be both present and powerful in our lives.